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05/22/2016 barb 0 Comment(s) interview, photoshoot

Jack O’Connell on dodging jail, charming Angelina Jolie and taking Hollywood by storm

A bright, crisp, spring afternoon in Mayfair and Jack O’Connell — dressed almost entirely in Dior, his scuffed blue suede Adidas the only nod to his pre-fame life — is sitting on a velvet sofa in one of the best suites at the Dorchester, reflecting on the downsides of stardom.

‘My whole life’s different,’ he says in his thick Derby accent. ‘I can’t live the life I grew up living. I used to enjoy going to the football, being around ordinary folk, or so-called ordinary folk, and family get-togethers. Now even they’re difficult. If I go to certain dos every f***er in there’s gonna want a photo.’ Then there’s the small matter of his (perfectly passable) ‘English’ teeth: ‘Whenever I go to LA, people tell me I should get my teeth done. Unless they want theirs f***ing rearranging as well I suggest they keep their mouth shut. My teeth are my teeth and I’ll be f***ed if I’m ever going to do a job on them just to serve their purposes. Well f*** ’em anyway.’ He gives a blast of infectious laughter. ‘I’m not Hollywood. There’s not a bit of me that ever wants to consider myself “Hollywood”.’

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05/13/2016 barb 0 Comment(s) tv: godless

“Unbroken” star Jack O’Connell has been tapped for a starring role in Netflix’s “Godless,” a new Western series from Steven Soderbergh and Scott Frank.
The 19th Century drama follows Frank Griffin, described as a menacing outlaw who is terrorizing the West as he hunts down his partner turned mortal enemy, Roy Goode.
O’Connell will play the role of Roy, an orphan who was taken in and mentored by Griffin until he stole their winnings and split, no longer able to stomach the older man’s actions.

Frank will write the script for the limited series, as well as direct and executive produce alongside Soderbergh and Casey Silver.
This marks O’Connell’s first foray back to television after breaking out in Angelina Jolie‘s adaptation of “Unbroken.” The former “Skins” star will soon be seen in Jodie Foster‘s “Money Monster” opposite George Clooney and Julia Roberts. He is represented by CAA.


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